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Dreams were surrealistic last night. The words swirled in front of me like they were being blended horizontally on an invisible screen. After a while, I noticed that they were colours, items whose association were automatically given colour when they were allowed to exist. Normally I dream in colour, but this dream was black and white, with only a brief reprieve of grays on a hit-n-run mission to taunt me. My feet were part of the black floor. At least I am assuming it was a floor, there were no tangible lines to touch, or see; perhaps it was not a floor at all, but some type of liquid plastic that held things in place, in this world of black and white. There were no other people, not real people, only those people whose parts were needed to make a point on the invisible screen in front of my face.

“Purple heart,” the system said, then showed me a picture of the medal we associate with it. “It is colourless on the soldier who wears it after death.”

I wanted to understand what the quintessential reason was for this system showing me these coloured, colourless items, but it would not respond to questions; it just continued to spit out coloured items, whose colour meant nothing.

“Red herring,” the system continued “a fallacy that is not a fish, but rather a trick that Aristotle understood to be a distraction. It is colourless.”

I wanted to ask the woman’s robotic voice if it was a red herring, designed to distract me from the real purpose of this dream, but before I could speak, another image flashed upon the screen.

“Heart of gold,” the system said next, then an image of a human heart covered in gold was shown on the screen. I didn’t hear what the system said about the heart, only that it was another fallacy. It was pretty obvious to me (and probably anyone else who had ever seen an image of a real heart) that a gold covered heart would not function in the way a real heart could. It might make a decorative fountain in some odd location, but it wouldn’t pump the blood of life through a human body. I wondered if that was the message, to be alert for obvious, and ignored words that did not literally mean what they said. That made sense to me on some level, but why the colour focus?

I wrote it down while I was still half asleep, so pardon the incongruities that might be present. I wonder if you see the importance of colouring colourless items, and then displaying them to the subconscious mind in a black and white world. Do you dream in colour? Do you remember your dreams?