Apples in Symbolism

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This simple and basic fruit is a powerful symbol in religious writings, literature and in dreams. It fundamentally represents knowledge and the freedom that is associated with it. With knowledge and freedom we are in a position to make positive or negative choices. The apple should be interpreted with the consideration of all the other details in the dream. Is the apple a symbol of positive movement and spiritual and emotional liberation, or is it a symbol of runaway passions and the resulting negativity? Are you giving into temptation and making hurtful choices or are being wise and enjoying the fullness of life?


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The apple symbolizes fertility, desire, temptation.  It is said to mean so many differing things that it might well end up as all knowing all things tucked inside thin walls of ripe skin in red.  The myths and traditions span centuries and continents with intrigue and mystery.  It is good to note that in days of old, the word apple, covered many fruits, not just the traditional visual granted to us by Walt Disney. 

It is one more example of the magic that is formed in the red shelled nectar of forbidden fruit.  The apple entices Snow White to take a bite; it makes for a tempting treat when hearts are not available to the Big Bad Wolf, and of course it is offered up to Eve in the fairy tale Garden of Eden. 

To me, the apple symbolizes the juicy, tender meat of a fresh thought sweetened with sunlight and warm to the touch. Both forbidden and delightful, it is truly an example of the yin yang of life’s forces at work.  So it captivates me, sometimes in a grocery store, but more often on the table or counter where it sits bathed in sunlight. 

Nothing quite like a good apple!